NEDC has five student project groups for the 2020-2021 academic year, led by an awesome crew of volunteer Project Coordinators:

Food & Agriculture
Project Coordinators: Josie Moberg, Pegga Mosavi
The Food & Agriculture Group is working on two main projects to kick off the beginning of this school year. First, we are currently putting together a comment on an ODA proposed rulemaking regarding chlorpyrifos, a dangerous pesticide. Our comment is centered around pushing for an even stricter rule on chlorpyrifos, one with more restrictive measures prior to the phase out of the pesticide and with no exceptions once the phase out is complete. Second, we are drafting a comment to the DEQ advocating that they deny an NPDES permit to what would become the second-largest mega-dairy Confined Animal Feeding Operation in the state, Easterday Farms. This has been an especially compelling project given that the previous owners of the dairy, previously named Lost Valley Farms, had received rampant permit violations as a result of their severe and chronic mismanagement.

Public Lands & Wildlife
Project Coordinators: Benjamin Cregger, Dara Illowsky, Austin Starnes, Chelsea Stewart-Fusek
Nine new law students recently collaborated on a public comment addressing sustainable fishing regulations in the Gulf of Alaska. Submitted this week, the project looked at both wildlife and environmental justice issues. The project group is now waiting for the final regulation.

Clean Water
Project Coordinators: Amanda Burgess, Carrie Ng
The Clean Water Group is finalizing another petition to protect Oregon’s Outstanding Resource Waters–this time for the Bull Run watershed. Read the article about student volunteer Anna Tadio‚Äôs work on this over the last few years to learn more!

Environment Justice
Project Coordinator: Victoria Frankeny
The Environmental Justice Workgroup is developing a library consisting of various statutes and regulations that consider environmental justice concerns. This EJ library will inform NEDC projects moving forward and will provide legal support for environmental justice concerns.

Air, Climate & Energy
Project Coordinators: Brad Heusinkveld, Rachel Pemberton, Dan Polkow

The Air, Climate and Energy group is working on a wide range of subjects including vehicle emissions after-market defeat device enforcement, reducing diesel emissions, regional haze regulation, industrial air toxics, and ground-level ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard compliance.