Over the past five years, NEDC:

  • Reviewed hundreds of agency files, containing thousands of documents, looking for opportunities to raise a voice for the environment

  • Submitted over 115 comments to state and federal agencies on proposed permits or other actions

  • Notified 23 polluters that we intended to file suit over their violations of the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act

  • Litigated 12 lawsuits in federal and state courts to enforce environmental and open government laws.

  • Helped prioritize and secure $2,500,000 in grant funding for projects by other non-profit groups to improve air quality in Oregon and Washington.

  • Secured $195,000 from polluters to fund projects by other non-profit groups to improve water quality in Oregon and Washington.

  • Helped secure $2,000,000 in civil penalties for violations of the Clean Water Act in Idaho

  • Stopped unlawful mining on the Chetco River in southern Oregon.

  • Expanded our Clean Water Act enforcement work into Washington and Idaho.


We also:

  • Engaged over 150 student volunteers in environmental advocacy work.
  • Provided students hundreds of hours of discussion time to learn about environmental law and advocacy through project groups, weekly meetings, and applied practice.

  • Brought over 40 speakers to campus to introduce law students to a wide range of environmental issues and the various ways they can work as advocates for the environment.

  • Connected more than 100 first year and upper division law students through the Enviro Mentor Program, affording students valuable insight and advice on the environmental law program at Lewis and Clark, exam study tips, job search advice, and more.

  • Facilitated numerous networking opportunities for law students to meet experienced environmental and public interest attorneys.