NEDC’s student project groups focus on specific environmental issues occurring in this region. Student projects provide an opportunity for law students to get hands-on practical experience in environmental law, beginning as early as the first semester of their 1L year.

To find out how to get involved in a project, contact and attend an NEDC meeting!

Student Resources
2022-2023 Student Staff
  • Law Clerk: Eve Goldman
  • Student Directors: Aidan Freeman, Devon Guyer & Sarah Miranda
  • Project Coordinators:
    • Air & Climate: Sedi Caine, Ashley Hollis, & Amitav Kamani
    • Clean Water: Greg Allen & Adam Eno
    • Environmental Justice: Emily Komie, Cam Quackenbush, & Caitlin Stiltner
    • Food & Agriculture: Evelyn Mailander & Gabby Stewart
    • Public Lands & Wildlife: Eli Savage & Kelsey Shaw
First Year Perspectives

NEDC offers unique hands-on learning experiences for Lewis & Clark Law students interested in environmental law. Click here to read about student volunteers’ experiences working with NEDC.

Student Articles

Unparalleled Opportunity

Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Stites

Hi y’all! My name is Mary Stites and I am a 3L here at Lewis & Clark (Class of 2022). My time with NEDC has brought me so much energy and hope while in law school. As a 1L, I was one of the first members of the newly formed Environmental Justice working group. We had the awesome opportunity to develop a bank of resources that would assist other working groups in adopting EJ principles and analysis in their comments, petitions and other matters. I continued working with the EJ group my 2L year, but we experimented with a new approach to our EJ analysis. I volunteered as an EJ working group member, but helped the Food & Agriculture Group apply EJ analyses to their projects regarding Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and pesticide use. I loved this position because it gave me the opportunity to do work against industrialized agriculture, but also helped advance NEDC’s commitment to advocating for communities that are disproportionately affected by these harmful operations.

I am currently one of the project coordinators for the Food & Agriculture group. This year, we have produced multiple wonderful comments and have some other groovy projects in the works. Working with Food & Ag has been such a wonderful experience, and it has been so energizing to work with other students and organizations that are committed to agricultural reform. I have especially gained a new appreciation for the power of the commenting process. Knowing that it is a space where communities and individuals can assume some power in the decisionmaking process has been eye-opening and incredibly encouraging.

I look forward to going out with a bang this semester, and cannot wait to see what wonderful work NEDC will continue to do!