NEDC has been partnering with Neighbors for Clean Air, the Green Energy Institute at Lewis & Clark Law School, and Reed College in a collaboration to reduce air toxics, especially diesel particulate emissions, in the Portland metro area. We are pleased to announce that a generous grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust will help us continue this work through 2022.

Emissions from industrial and mobile sources, including both on-road and nonroad engines, present a substantial threat to human health and the environment. This threat is particularly acute in urban areas. Diesel exhaust contains toxic air pollutants that negatively impact human health and the environment. These pollutants, which include fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and black carbon, have been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory disorders. Black carbon is also a potent climate forcer that contributes to both local and global temperature increases. To reduce the significant risks associated with these pollutants, we will continue to press local, regional and state governmental agencies to do much more to protect public health and the environment.