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Value Statement

Opening Statement White supremacy culture and racism remain a serious problem in this country and within the environmental movement. NEDC acknowledges its role in perpetuating an approach to environmental advocacy that is too exclusive and reflective of the dominant culture. … Read More

Diesel Petition

On December 20, 2019 NEDC joined a coalition of 21 partner organizations in submitting a petition to Oregon policymakers to establish regulations for toxic diesel emissions from nonroad sources such as construction sites, distribution centers and railyards. With diesel pollution … Read More

CWA Dredge and Fill Permits

CWA Dredge and Fill Permits Two major regulatory programs protect wetlands and waterways in Oregon: (1) the federal section 404 dredge and fill program, and (2) Oregon’s state removal-fill permit program. Section 404 Under the Clean Water Act, any person seeking to … Read More